Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Three classics you (may have) never played but should

In today's world of FPS wars , WOW and franchise saturation it can be most rewarding to take a look back at games of yesteryear. As mentioned I only got a 360 and became active in the current generation of consoles around 2009.  I did have a Wii from launch but sadly its usually only the first party games that interest me for that console. During this semingly endless drought did I just stop playing games? No you silly goose I was playing the classics!  Mortal Kombat , Donkey Kong Country , Mario, games you've never heard of , everything!  Today I  thought I'd name off a few games that are worth playing if you never tried them.

Dragon Saber -

If you're a fan of shoot'em ups (and not those scary Cave bullet curtain kind) I suggest looking into Namco's Dragon Saber. Dragon Saber is the direct sequel to a game called Dragon Spirit, which was alot of fun, but really just too hard to play.  The story is simple ( and it is told in most humorous Engrish). In the future humans have utterly boned the enviroment and all sorts of strange creatures now rule the world. Suddenly a floaty woman named Arlia gives two youths a saber that transforms them into dragons to take the fight to the enemy. Naturally they fly through 9 levels shooting down everything they see. This shooter is a top down shooter, and makes use of an air and groundfire function. I love shooters that do this because the ones that let you hit ground targets with your airfire always slightly urked me. I understand it was likely a technical limitation or something but it always bothered me. Anyway Dragon Saber , with 9 great levels , awesome music, and loads of original power ups is a great game for any shoot em up fan or a challenge seeker.

Daraku Tenshi The Fallen Angels-

After Street Fighter II revolutionized the fighting game genre there were a slew of fighting games to follow in its wake and try an compete. Some of these games like King of Fighters , Dan-Ku-Ga, and Mortal Kombat were all great, however some real stinkers came out. In this sea of fighters some sank and some floated, but some of them that sank didn't deserve to. Daraku Tenshi is an amazing fighter from the folks at Psikyo who are best known for the Gunbird series. In DT an earthquake has severed the city of Esaka Japan from the mainland and caused the city to fall into chaos. Ten years after the earthquake a crime boss known as Carlos rules the city. Everyone from a homeless martial artist to a transvestite bar singer have reason to take him down, so therein lies the game's backdrop. Featuring a dark ruined world and genetic modifcation subtones DT beats out all other fighting games of the time (In my own opinion of course). Sadly the game was never fully finished and lots of endings, character, and other features were cut before the final release. I myself run a forum, and wiki for this game. So google Daraku Tenshi forum if you're interested!

Kabuki Quantum Fighter

I don't remember how I came across this gem but I'm glad I did because its an original and challenging platformer for the NES.  In Kabuki quantum something is messing around with the world's nuclear weapons systems and the only way to stop it is to digitize a man and send him into the computer to fight the problem on the binary level. Naturally this means he has to run to the left (and sometimes to the right if he's lucky), and defeat a series of enemies and dodge all sorts of traps. The game gives you a new powerup after each level , and has you doing all sorts of tricky acrobatic manuevers to get across the levels. If you're into old school platformers this one is definitly worth your time. It falls in a bit short at only about 8 levels or so, but its pretty challenging and should keep you occupied for at least a few hours. The game does get harder in the last levels but its never unfair just challenging, which is a  rare combination to find in platforming games on the NES.



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