Monday, January 2, 2012

Torentsu Games 2 The Return

Hey gang I'm back after a long absence to bring you the best in gaming.  Forgive me for my departure but its been quite the busy Christmas season. I also picked up quite a few new games this holiday season, which I'm sure you'll get to hear me talk about in the upcoming entries. Lets see if I can get the full list from memory here:

Hydro Thunder Hurricane
Deus Ex
Deux Ex Invisible War
Deus Ex Human Revolution
Star Wars KOTOR
The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword (technically got in November as a gift from a friend)

I think that's everything. As you can see, alot of these are from Steam's amazing holiday sale, which is why I picked up all of these that I did. KOTOR was on sale for an unbeatable 2.42$ and I picked up both Deus Ex 1 and 2 for about 12 dollars total.  My computer isn't really the caliber for modern day gaming, but thanks to Steam I was able to pick up a ton of old classics at great prices, without having to go through the trouble of hunting them down. Steam does have its problems, but I really have to give it to them for their exceptional library of old and new games that are seemingly almost always on sale at a great price.  I remember that the first Steam game I ever picked up was the original Fallout which was about 5$ during the middle of the year.  Anyway here is my official welcome back post for the new year.  Expect to see me talking about some of the games above really soon. Probably the Deus Ex series which I have recently discovered and gotten into. Its one of those games I missed the boat on the first time around, but am into and ready to discuss now.  Also expect commentary on Skyward Sword, and much more. Now with vitamin C and no MSG!

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