Monday, October 31, 2011

Some Spooky Suggestions

Hey gang, its Halloween and that means its time for some scary gaming suggestions to all of you looking to be actually scared I have to suggest playing the Resident Evil Remake and the prequel Resident Evil Zero, both of which were originally released on the Nintendo Gamecube.  These games are challenging, and alot of fun to play, especially the first time through. I've never really been scared while playing a game except for the first time I played through the Remake on Gamecube, granted I was younger then but the game's atmosphere and pacing is just excellent. Couple the never ending supply of hungry monsters with the scarce ammo, and mind stretching puzzles, and you've got quite the experience.

The prequel Resident Evil Zero can also provide you with a few scares, but you might have to wait till night and play in the dark, as it doesn't quite give you that same feel as the RE Remake does. Add in the sometimes awkward switching system and the even more scarce ammo and you may find yourself a bit more frustrated than scared at times.

For those a bit more faint of heart who just want a scary good time without actually being scared, I recommend picking up an entry in the Castlevania series and hacking through some classic monsters. Which Castlevania you play however is up to you since the series spans over 20 years worth of titles all in varying genres.  If you like a challenging side scroller pick up one of the original NES series and give that a go. Dungeon Crawler fans might like the PS2 games, and of course for those Metroid type gamers any of the new entries or Symphony of the Night on the PS1 might just be the game for you. The price has also dropped on the very new age Castlevania Lords of Shadow which is a new take on the Castlevania universe, and does some interesting new things with some of the classic themes.  Finally if you've got friends pick up Castlevania Harmony of Despair on XBL and PSN and go on a hunt for the best items with all your online buddies

And for someone who wants a more philosophical sort of terrifying I suggest picking up Silent Hill 2 and being terrified that way.  The main character's odd yet familiar predicament, as well as the supporting characters, monsters , and storyline twist will leave you more than a bit frightened. Its all the scary of Resident Evil without the sometimes overdone bio weapons dun it plot.

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